Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Check Out How Proton Prevé Might Look Like in Hatchback Variant and Taxi Edition!

Proton Prevé is PROTON's hope to enter global market. And, to enter European market, PROTON needs to come up with a Proton Prevé hatchback edition, as everyone knows the European loves hatchback cars that's sporty. Hatchback version of many prominent car manufacturers had sold well there.

According to rumour / insider, PROTON is working on Proton Prevé hatchback, codenamed P3-22A!

So, ever wonder how Proton Prevé would look like in hatchback variant? had rendered his own version of a Proton Prevé hatchback edition.

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Pictures from

Pictures from

 Theopilus Chin had even rendered a Proton Prevé in taxi version!

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About Theophilus Chin
Theophilus Chin, the person behind is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and currently resides in Singapore. Born on 1978,  Theopilus Chin is very into car chopping - digital enhancement and rendering of cars. 

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