Monday, 30 April 2012

Proton Prevé Media Reviews

Proton Prevé looks set to conquer the Malaysian car market and internationally as well. So what are the expert saying about Proton Prevé? Can it live up to what it's name says - "to prove"?

Below are some of the media given the chance to test-drive Proton Prevé. Click the links below each comment to see the full review by the respective media - , and .

"Proton has packaged the Preve well for the price range that doesn’t exceed RM75,000. Though some journalists felt that more could have been included, I think that Proton has done remarkably well to give almost as many features as cars costing over RM100,000."

"Impressions gleaned from our pre-production test cars suggest that the Prevé is by far Proton's best ever product. Ride and handling is its stand out quality, and the amount of kit bundled into the package is similarly praiseworthy. We still have reservations of its build quality, and there is still work to be done in terms of overall powertrain refinement. 
However, it should be remembered that at its price point of below RM75k, one can't expect German levels of quality. The Prevé is a huge leap forward for Proton, and is a properly competitive package. A launch date of 16 April was mentioned in today's drive, but not confirmed. Official prices will be announced then, but expect them to be lower than the estimated figures. "

"On the whole, based on the short sampling of the car, the Prevé looks a promising proposition – certainly, the CFE variant is very much so. Some overall aspects (like build quality and fit/finish) invariably need tightening, but as a full package this one proves that it’s all getting there."

"I like straight away the feeling..."
Reviewed by Jean Alesi, legendary Formula One driver (Video) 

This article is written to summarise professional / media reviews about Proton Prevé. If you happen to come across any professional / media review not included here, kindly let us know. We shall be glad to append to this article.

For those who are not professional / media but had test-drive the car and has written a post in your blog about your experience on test-driving Proton Prevé, kindly let us know by leaving your address in the comment section below. We shall not include your review link in this artical (as this article is about reviews by professional / media), but we shall allocate another article for people who owns or had test-drive Proton Prevé.
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