Saturday, 28 April 2012

Video: The Making of Proton Prevé

Watch the making of Proton Prevé, the very first of PROTON's new generation of cars, developed in accordance with global standards of quality and safety with many class leading features.

In this video, you shall see key employees of PROTON involves in the making of P3-21A, the code name for Proton Prevé, to make it a global car:

  • Dato Sri Haji Syed Zainal Abidin - Managing Director of PROTON
  • Dr. Wolfgang Karl Epple - Senior Director Group Operations of PROTON
  • Hazrin Fazail Bin Haroon - GM, Product Planning of PROTON
  • En. Tajul Zahari B. Abu Bakar - Director, Engineering of PROTON
  • Azlan Othman - Head of Styling of PROTON
  • Nor Azizah Ahmad - Lead Engineer Electrical Design of PROTON
  • Mohd Rapid Arifin - Lead Engineer Drivetrain of PROTON
  • Zanita binti Zainuddin - Manager / Staff Engineer, Passive Safety & Electrical of PROTON
  • Ali Riza Johari - Lead Engineer Suspension & Steering Group of PROTON
  • Tengku Azizan B. Tengku Ahmad - General Manager, HTP / Engineering Division of PROTON
  • Mr. Inderjith Madireddi - Director Group Manufacturing of PROTON
  • Mohd Shaharudin bin Shamsudin - Manager of Production, Data & Management, Production Planning & Control Department of PROTON
  • Azman Bin Ali - Technician, Vehicle Testing of PROTON
  • Shamsuddin Bin Abdul - Technician, Styling Department of PROTON

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