Thursday, 10 May 2012

Proton Prevé vs KIA FORTE Specs Comparison

Selling at RM72,990, Proton Prevé 1.6 CVT Premium is sure to be the comparison of many cars, especially those that are similarly priced.

Today, is going to make a specifications comparison between Proton Prevé 1.6 CVT Premium and KIA FORTE 1.6L DOHC CVVT EX, which is having a price different of around RM5,810.

Before we proceed further, let us compare the exterior outlook of both cars.

Front view of Proton Preve (top) & KIA Forte (bottom)

Rear view of Proton Preve (top) & KIA Forte (bottom)

Front view of Proton Preve (top) & KIA Forte (bottom)

From the Proton Prevé vs KIA FORTE Specifications Comparison above, it is clear that Proton Prevé stands out in almost every specification compared. Yes, the words in BLUE are marked as better specs compared side by side between both cars.

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Anonymous said...

i was considering to buy forte & now am a bit confused cos the preve offers resale is bad but proton also suffers the same fate...hmm...thinking & thinking

Anonymous said...

You're right,.....confused too....head say preve heart say forte ...(better looking).... Don't care about resale current car is already 15 years old. .....

Anonymous said...

You guys are right..because of forte better looking we get confused

lokmandeenz said...

actually this article is really making people confuse. For the information, the comparison is NOT RIGHT. it compare PROTON PREVE PREMIUN vs KIA Forte EX( which is the basic spec). It should been compared as PROTON PREVE 1.6 PREMIUM vs KIA FORTE 1.6 SX (full spec, then you will see FORTE outshadow Preve. OR PREVE 1.6STANDARD vs FORTE 1.6 EX(BASIC)...

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